Irish Nachos
Double Bacon Chicken Cheeseburger
Click here for printable Menu:

* House Salad                                               5.50
{giant bowl of mixed greens & veggies, add chicken for and extra $2}  
Buffalo Chicken Salad                                             7.50
{mixed greens w/ crispy buffalo style chicken & veggies}  
Chef Salad                                      7.50
{mixed greens w/ turkey, cheese & veggies}  
Taco Salad                                      7.50
{mixed greens w/ seasoned beef, cheese, salsa and sour cream}  
*Veggie Taco Salad                          7.50 {mixed greens w/ seasoned meatless crumbles, cheese, salsa and sour cream}
Cheeseburger Salad                                 7.50
{mixed greens w/ cheeseburger, pickles, ketchup and mustard dressing}  
Chili   {homemade chili with ground beef}                                          5.50
** Vegetarian Chili  {homemade vegetarian chili}                                        4.50

* Mozzarella Stix  {5 stix w/ marinara sauce}                                   5.50
* Jalapeno Poppers  {basket of handmade 3-cheese poppers}    7.00
Chicken Fingers  {fingers w/ blue cheese}                                       7.00
Chicken Fingers and Waffle Fries                                                                  10.00
Tot Poutine   {Veggie gravy over tots with choice of cheese}                               6.00
Sticky Fingers  {fingers coated in choice of sauce}           8.00
Chicken Wings                       8.00
{10 wings – Hot/Medium/Mild/Marshall/ Unnecessarily Hot}  
Beer Battered Hot Dog Bites                  5.50 
{handmade, beer battered bites} – DELICIOUS!  
* Vegetarian Battered Hot Dog Bites                                6.50
{same as above, but vegetarian}  
* Irish Nachos                         6.00
{waffle fries w/ jalapeno queso, onion, tomatoes & jalapenos}    
* Mac & Cheese  {homemade w/ jalapeno queso sauce}                    5.50
* Portabella Fries  {strips of breaded mushrooms w/ cajun ranch}                       6.00
* Fried Pickles                         5.00
{homemade basket of beer battered dill chips w/ cajun ranch}
* Fried Onions                        4.50
{handmade basket of beer battered marinated onion rings}
Untidy Tots                                            6.00
{bowl of tots with meat hot, queso and Marshall sauce}
* *Waffle Fries  {basket of waffle fries}    4.00, ½ order 2.50
* *Tater Tots  {basket of tots}                4.00, ½ order 2.50

* Cheese, side of salsa & sour cream                       5.00
Chicken, peppers/onions, side of salsa & sour cream         7.00
* Veggie, mixed veggies, side of salsa & sour cream         5.50
Pizzadilla, pepperoni, mozzarella & marinara, side of bleu cheese      6.50
Buffalo Chicken, buffalo tossed chicken & cheese, side of blue cheese              7.00
Ranch Dilla, breaded chicken, cheese, bacon & ranch       7.00
*Veggie Ranch Dilla, tomatoes, cheese, & ranch               6.00
Taco Dilla, seasoned beef, cheddar, onion & tomato, side of salsa/sour cream    7.50
*Veggie Taco Dilla, seasoned meatless crumbles, cheddar, onion & tomato, side of salsa/sour cream   
Philly Dilla, seasoned beef, peppers, onions, side of queso                               7.00
Pulled Pork Dilla, puleld pork, peppers, onions, side of BBQ       7.00
Volcano Plates
The Vesuvius  - choice of 1 meat         8.00
The Mauna Loa - choice of 2 meats                      10.50Kilauea - choice of 2 meats, chicken fingers & sloppy joe  18.00

Meat options: hot dog, hamburger, pulled pork, sloppy joe, veggie sloppy joe!
Veggie burger & veggie dog – extra $1!!!
All volcanoes come with fries, mac salad, jalapeno queso & hot sauce

All Sandwiches are served w/ lettuce, tomato, onion and mac salad
-  Except PB & J and Breakfast Burger
+ Upgrade to fries/tots for $1, fries/tots and mac salad for $2, Hot sauce and extra dressings $ .50 each

Fried Bologna                          5.50
{slices of fried bologna, stacked high on texas toast}  
BBQ Bologna Sandwich                          6.00
{bologna with Marshall sauce, swiss, grilled onions on a roll}  
* Grilled Cheese                              4.50
{choice of cheese on texas toast}  
** Grilled PB & J                               4.50
{grilled peanut butter & jelly on texas toast} 
BLT                           5.50
{bacon, lettuce & tomato on texas toast}  
Grilled Chicken                         7.00
{grilled chicken breast on a roll}  
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich                       8.00   {breaded buffalo-style chicken & blue cheese on a roll}  
Chicken Parm Sandwich                          8.00
{breaded chicken w/ marinara sauce & cheese}  
Cajun Chicken                         7.00
{cajun seasoned chicken breast with swiss on a roll}  
Southwest Chicken Sandwich                          7.50
{grilled chicken, jalapenos, queso on texas toast}  
Don’s Famous Sloppy Joe                       6.00
{homemade sloppy joe on a texas toast}  
** Veggie Joe                         6.00
{meatless sloppy joe on texas toast}  
Cuban Sandwich                       8.00
{pork, bacon, swiss, pickles, dijon mayo on grilled texas toast}
Cordon Blue Sandwich                      8.00
{chicken fingers, swiss, bacon & dijon mayo on texas toast}
Thick Cut Turkey Club                                            8.50  {club sandwich w/ deep fried turkey & bacon on texas toast}
Pulled Pork Sandwich                             7.00
{pulled pork with choice of sauce on a roll}  
Flying Pig Sandwich                                8.00
{chicken fingers, pulled pork, crumbly blue & BBQ sauce on a roll}  
Marshall Chicken Sandwich                             8.00
{grilled or breaded chicken,  in Marshall sauce, with bacon and ranch on texas toast} Hamburger/Cheeseburger                        6.00/6.50
{plain or choice of cheese}  
Bacon Cheeseburger                       7.00
{cheeseburger w/ strips of bacon}  
Bacon Blue Burger                         7.50
{cheeseburger w/  blue cheese spread & bacon}  
Mushroom Swiss Burger                         7.50
{burger w/ swiss & mushrooms}  
* Veggie Burger                              7.00
{thick & crispy vegetarian burger on a roll}
Double Bacon Chicken Cheeseburger                             9.00  {cheeseburger, bacon, chicken fingers, and more bacon} 
3 Alarm Burger          7.00
{spicy cheeseburger w/ jalapenos & chipotle aioli}
We can make 4 or 5 Alarm, just ask!!!
Breakfast Burger              7.50 {bacon, egg and cheese on a burger with a sweet molasses
glaze on grilled texas toast w/ tots!}
Deep Fried Hot Dog                   4.50
{fried hot dog on a roll}  
** Tofu Dog                5.50
{meatless hot dog on a roll}  
Hot Dog Add-ons: grilled peppers/onions, meat sauce, queso, mushrooms, dressing,
cheese (mozz, cheddar, swiss, provolone) - $.50, bacon  - $1.00, chili or vegetarian chili - $2.00